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If you are looking for a puppy you are always welcome if possible after phone-arangement. We like to give our puppys the best possible start in live and therefore we breed only max. 2 litters a year and the puppys are grewing up in our house so that they are good socialised when they are going to their future owners at the age of 8 – 9 weeks. We are always available to our puppyowners for advice and information. It’ll be their puppy but it ‘ll stay always “our puppy”.

Are you interested in a puppy from us – you can mail us for more free information.

News 2017

On 23 januar we got a litter from our summer (Trocadero’s Midsummerdream). It are: 1 red dog – 1 black bitch and 4 red bitches. Mother and puppys are doing very well.

Trocadero's Midsummerdream
Manaca's Look out Sunshine
Owner Sarah Finet

Trocadero’s Quite Lucky - male

Trocadero’s Queen of Diamonds - female

Trocadero’s Quarz Chrystal – “Liesl”
stays in our kennel

Trocadero’s Queen of Hearts - female

Trocadero’s Quality Touch - female

Trocadero’s Quest for Fame - female

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