Our cockers


Trocadero’s Quartz Crystal

Trocadero’s Punch of Beauty

My breeding bitches

Trocadero’s Nicolette

Trocadero's Midsummerdream


Quality Touch of Nancy’s Pride

My studdogs

Trocadero’s Highflyer
Pedigree Trocadero’s Highflyer

Dis cockers are now retired but continue to live with me of course.  

Alpino's Daffodil in Spring

Unfortunately this cockers deceased but have tremendous meaning for my kennel.

Trocadero's Easterwish

Trocadero's Zina
Pedigree Trocadero's Zina
   Trocadero's Carlito   
Pedigree Trocadero's Carlito


Innocent Pride of Black Mirabel

Chimney Sweer of Black Mirage
Pedigree Chimney Sweer of Black Mirage - Chimney

Trocadero's Autumnleaf

Perrytree a Fine Romance
Pedigree Perrytree A Fine Romance - Robby

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